Military History - Vietnam War

The politics, strategies, and execution of the Vietnam War remain controversial to this day, but the contributions made by Wisconsin men and women during the conflict are beyond dispute. Only World War II saw more Wisconsinites in the armed services. Like the Korean War, Vietnam saw the state’s service people scattered among all branches of service, both at home and abroad. Roughly 165,400 men and women from Wisconsin served during the Vietnam War, and more than 1,200 died. The incredible range of experiences, feelings, and views on the Vietnam War—the very things that make it such a contentious topic—make it worth studying. The accounts of Wisconsin’s Vietnam veterans serve as an entry point into the greater American experience.

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum preserves the stories of Wisconsin’s role in the Vietnam War. An annotated bibliography of published works relating to Wisconsin’s role in the war includes first-hand accounts, memoirs, and books about the home front. Remember to search the museum’s collections to find artifacts, books, oral history interviews, letters, photographs, and more from Wisconsin Korean War veterans. Contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Wisconsin in the Vietnam War: A Bibliography

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum (WVM) is dedicated to preserving the memory of Wisconsin men and women who have participated in America’s military conflicts, from the Civil War through the present.  The Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center contains published materials including books, periodicals, newsletters, maps, and audio visual items as well as unpublished archival materials including letters, diaries, photographs, and scrapbooks that document the service and sacrifice of Wisconsin’s citizen-soldiers in all wars.
The Wisconsin Veterans Museum is an educational activity of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.